Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Toby Jack

For over a year Tim and I would spend part of our Saturdays running around to pet stores and the SPCA in hopes to play with some puppies. Unfortunately, there were never any at the SPCA and the ones at the pet store were way too expensive to justify getting. We (I) spent numerous hours looking for puppies online. I would constantly send links to Tim and coworkers during work to get their opinons...and it was fun to pass the time. We made an attempt to contact one owner and it ended up being a sketchy situation so we decided that online wasn't the way we wanted to go. We were never actually serious about getting a dog, it was just fun to look.

When Tim went up to New York for his most recent interview, he promised that he would buy me a puppy if he got the job. Of coure I'd rather have my boyfriend over a puppy, but if I can't have one I may as well have the other! The day after he accepted the job, we were out running errands. It just so happened that a pet store was off the same exit where we were going so we decided we would just check it out. We pulled up and walked in and there were tons of puppies everywhere! I was pretty sure I had died and gone to heaven. There were so many to choose from...and god knows I'm awful at making decisions. Toby was actually the first dog we held and we instantly fell in love. He was a 3.5lb golden morkie with a spunky personality. Since we hadn't planned on taking a puppy home, we decided to leave and think about it for a few hours. It didn't even take us an hour before we were back to pick up our little man. He did great on his first car ride (which was to PetSmart of course.) He was so good. I held him the entire time we were shopping and he just sat in my arms and didn't make a sound. People actually thought he was a stuffed animal. We got him home and let him get a feel for his new space. He seemed to adjust pretty well. The first few nights were rough with him because he was in his crate. It was so hard to leave him in such a confined space but that's what I had heard was good to do. That didn't last too long, because within a week he managed to start sleeping in bed with me; claiming his spot on my pillow. He's definitely a spoiled puppy, but what puppy isn't? I love being able to come home to him everyday. It's just something about that little face looking at you when you walk through the door because he's so happy to see you, that makes it all worth it. Having a puppy is definitely a lot of work but I wouldn't trade him for anything. He's my little partner in crime :)

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