Friday, September 9, 2011

Random Friday

It's finally Friday! Even with the short week it still didn't go by fast enough. There is so much going on today that I don't honestly think I can come up with a full post so it's going to be lots of random thoughts. Bear with me. 

Last night Toby had a random act of meanness and decided to pee in the bed. Let's not talk about how angry I was. Anyway, once I let him back in bed, I took the other pillow so he wouldn't have one. (I didn't realize how childish that sounded until after I read it but's true.) After tossing and turning and trying every which way to fit on my only pillow left, this is what he does. Literally pushes me over so he can lay down. Really Tobes? Really?! 

What a little stinker! 

The birthday countdown is on! I've got 2 weeks to get my little booty into shape. The search for the new birthday dress is underway! I gotta find me something sexayy yet classy for dancin' :)

I think this one is the winner.

think I'd find any cute boys wearing this? 
 conversation starter anyone?! 

ok, now seriously here are two that I like:

in this color, purple, or black.

in this print or in black.

I'm totally loving on this song right now.
{excuse the language...but it's so good!}

<3 me some Bru Bru

I'm so excited to be going to a Squirrels game tonight with my sister. Yes, I said Squirrels. That's what happens when you let an elementary school name your city's baseball team. Awesome. Regardless, I've been an awful fan and this is only my 2nd game this season. Maybe we'll get lucky and have seats behind home plate. That way I can have a good view of this:

um, hello :)

Ok, that's all for today! Hope ya'll have a great weekend! :)

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