Monday, September 12, 2011

weekend recap

Well it's Monday again...already. Why do the weekends always seem to fly by? I sit here wishing my work days away for Friday. 

Last Friday I mentioned going to the Squirrels game with my sister. We got free tickets (score!) from one of her friends to the playoff game. 

Saturday wasn't too eventful; I went home to visit my parents (a whopping 20 minutes away.) But I also got to experience the Salted Caramel Mocha Frappachino for the first time...and let me tell you- I am a fan! That one actually trumps the PSL in my if you haven't yet, go try one! 

Yesterday was all about football. I was pretty excited to do nothing all day but switch from game to game, but I've gotta say I was pretty disappointed in both of my teams. First, don't get me started about Peyton. Every sports analyst was arguing from both sides of this situation. Regardless of the side though, they did agree on one thing; we will suck this year! Ughhhh! I guess this will test and weed out the "true" fans from the bandwagon. My dad said to me "Well, now you get to experience them the way I did growing up when they weren't that good." Awesome. Too bad I started liking them the year before they became awesome. So I remember that....I don't need another season to make memories. 

um, where were the colts? oh yeah, they didn't show up. 

Anyway, regardless of this season, I will remain true to my team as well as this guy (who was handing out high-fives during games yesterday)...

my new little colts fan :)
(Please take note of the dog tag)

Some of my friends went to the Giants/Redskins game yesterday and I'm so jealous that I couldn't go. I would've rocked out my Eli jersey regardless of the outcome. Honestly, I think they lost because I wasn't there. I've been to the last 2 games they've played each other in DC and the Giants won both times. Just sayin'. 

And last but not least, I put my Cinnamon Pumpkin wallflowers in yesterday so now my apartment smells like fall! Aaaand I painted my nails this nice little fall color.


That's all I've got for today. 
Wish me luck....I start running outside today- eek! 

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