Monday, August 15, 2011

weekend lovin'

Why do the weekends always seem to fly by?? Seriously, even with an extra day last week it still went by waaaay too fast. I still stand by my proposal of a 2 day work week....just sayin'.

Even though it was too short, I was still able to soak up every minute of the long weekend. Thursday night I mentioned spending time with Olivia before she went to school. What hangout with Liv would be complete without a trip to Sweet Frog?

My family got her all moved into her new dorm yesterday and I can't wait to go see it. Maybe a beach trip is in order?? The rest of my weekend was spent relaxing and hanging out with friends. (Definitely glad I made that decision.) I also realized that I tried four different kinds of wine over the weekend. I'm usually a pinot grigio girl but I feel like I should start branching out and trying other kinds. Eventually I wanna start throwing some reds in the mix. I can't remember what exactly I tried this weekend but they were all delicious! I'll let ya'll know tomorrow for sure :)

Also, while I was away this weekend, I sent little man to daycare. When I went to pick him up after two full days of play-time, the woman told me how much they all love him and how much he loves to play (as if the pictures don't speak for themselves.)

And this is what he looks like when he comes home
from all that playing...

sleepy face

Also to note, Tobes is obsessed with these guys. 
Peanut Butter filled bones

This is how he waits for his new treat to be prepared...
spoiled puppy :)

Hope you're all having a great Monday!
Stay tuned for tomorrow's post. 
Fun things to share :)

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