Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Not So Cute Confessions

So I wanna try something new. I've seen on several blogs people having special topics on a certain day of the week. I thought it would be fun to have a confession segment....soooo here goes. 

Don't judge buuuut....

1. I may or may not have given into my craving of fried food last night 
and ate McDonalds. Gross...waking up with a stomachache makes me question whether or not they tossed the bad food when they lost power from the storm. Bleh. Paying for that mistake.

2. I have this song on repeat. I listen to it probably 30 times a day. 
At least. 

3. I'm addicted to Pinterest. So many great ideas :)

 I am in LOVE with this kitchen. 
 What a great idea for a party!
 I couldn't resist the cuteness :)
I feel like I'm cheating on Toby for posting this. Sorry baby!
 love, love, love this idea!
  Must find.

  I told you I was addicted...and yet so inspired. :)

4. Not only did I sit and make my friends watch Bachelor Pad for two hours last night(at their apartment!) but I then went home and watched Nick & Vanessa's Dream Wedding that has been sitting on my DVR for a month. And I'm not deleting it.

5. I haven't been grocery shopping in like two weeks. I've either not been eating or living off of what's been in my pantry since forever!

6. I created a Twitter account over the weekend and have only posted once. 
I don't think I'm cut out for updating people on every second of my life.

That's all I've got for today! 
Only 2 more days til my weekend! Whoop whoop!! 

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