Monday, August 29, 2011

surviving the madness

If you were anywhere on the east coast this weekend I'm sure you felt the effects of Irene. I had decided last minute to go spend the weekend at home with my family, considering that my apartment was right on the river downtown....and God forbid there be any flooding. Tobes and I packed up and made our way home early Saturday afternoon...but not before he decided to run through a ginormous puddle that came up to his chest. Thanks Tobes.

I made him sit there all the way home. 

Anyway, we spent Saturday hanging out, watching tv, and cooking. Fortuately for us, we never lost power. Poor Toby had to spend most of his time Saturday in the garage, but don't feel bad for the little guy. Mom had bought him some organic cookie treats to go with his new organic food that he loves so much! He got head rubs from mom and a full freaking body massage from Anna before bed. Don't tell me this puppy isn't spoiled!

We made fondue Saturday night to celebrate mom's birthday and it was delicious! (Although I'm not into chocolate so I just had a few pieces of pound cake...)

Take note of the brand name....definitely not done on purpose! 
We were having Irene's during Irene!! Oh, I digress....haha

Now for the best part/biggest surprise of the weekend....
Drumroll please.........
Ok, so I'm turning 25 in less than a month- OMG!
Well, on my birthday list I had practical items, like a coffee maker and Office for my Mac.
What I forgot was that Dad told me earlier in the week that they had a surprise for me....I kind of wrote it off, thinking it was like a sweet or something. So randomly Saturday afternoon, my parents walk in with 2 things for me. One was this sign:

and the other was the coffee maker I wanted!

Um, hello amazing parents! 
They also sent me home with coffee, creamer, and some whipped cream (because coffee really is just a dessert) :)

Not only did they give me that, but my dad also put Office on my computer for me! 
So now, I've scratched off two things from my list and I can actually put down something fun :)

We woke up Sunday and Jake made us all french toast and bacon-YUM!
It actually was such a beautiful day out so we decided to take a ride out to the mall. It was so packed. 
People were EVERYWHERE! I guess not having power forced people out of their homes for awhile. 

Anyhoo, it ended up being just a nice weekend to spend time with my family and relax. 
(Aside from the fact there was a natural disaster taking place.)

Hopefully everyone stayed safe and power returns to those who lost it soon! 
Happy Monday & Hooray for a short week!! :)

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