Monday, July 16, 2012

A Birthday Giveaway!!

Today is my sister, Anna's, 23rd birthday. 
Happy birthday bebe sister
(anyone remember helga's older sister from hey arnold?)

Here's to you and there never being a dull moment!
I hope you have an amazing dayy!
Love you!! :)

And to celebrate lil' sista's bday, I have a special little giveaway for y'all.
The lovely family from Tookies is sweet enough to be giving one lucky 
reader a jar cake of their choice.

Now, who is tookies?

"We are a small family owned business in the south. We consist of 6 immediate family members :) Every one of us has creative genes...guess it just runs in the family. We run on the fuel of God, love, prayer and LAUGHTER! We are a practical joking family, none of us can live without humor and being the next big/best practical joker. We have a big family, including 3 amazing boxers! We are also a full military family and we love our troops. Being patriotic and supporting our military is one of the most important things to us.

Why the name Tookies?
When our son was little, he couldn't say 'cookie' so he said 'tookie' and this is what we have all always called cookies :)

how cute is that?!
I have to just say that they have been such a pleasure to work with. 
This is their second month sponsoring this blog and they have been nothing but delightful :)
A few weeks ago, I received a little package in the mail and when I 
opened it, it was stock full of goodies! 

 2 jar cakes
gourmet cheesecake marshmallows


Everything was so cute and delicious!!
My favorite treat was most definitely the
cheesecake marshmallows.
I may have eaten them all myself. 


Is your mouth watering yet?!
Mine too.

Now, here's how to get a jar cake of your very own.
The giveaway will end next Sunday and the winner will be announced 
next Monday, July 23rd.
Good luck!! 



Michelle said...

Smores! Graet giveaway :)

Samantha said...

Raging Red Velvet & Buttercream. Ummmmm.... YUM!!!!! Happy birthday to your little sis!

Abbey said...

Smores. Duh. Happy birthday to Anna!

Anonymous said...

Oh man, red velvet - hands down!!

Anonymous said...

Oh man, red velvet - hands down!!

Ali ♥ said...

Red Velvet <3
So excited for this giveaway!

BKell83 said...

s'mores...are they serious?! I'm going to order it even if I don't win!

Ashley said...

happy birthday to your sister!!!!

Paige said...

I would pick the luscious lemon buttercream!

Janna Renee said...

I would pick the Strawberry Lemonade to send to the hubs!

Janna Renee said...

Oh and Happy Birthday to your sister!

Shannon Marie said...

Hands down, I would HAVE to choose s'mores! YUM!