Wednesday, June 20, 2012

That Time We Blated in Hotlanta

happy freakin' hump day y'all!!
I'm so excited for today's post because I get to tell you about all most of our trip :)
We made a 20 minute
yes, you read that right, 
20 minute vlog 
and apparently it was too large to upload or send so I had to cut it in half. 
I need an iMovie for dummies guide. ha!

Alright, so onto the fun stuff.
(I totally stole all these photos from Dayna cause I'm still rockin' the droid and my camera sucks)

first of all, gf picked me up at the airport at 8am.
keep in mind that she's an hour behind me, so she had to get up at 3am.
thanks again girlfraaaand :) 

and of course, she made me a sign :)
and ran around the airport parking deck with it.

we played around in Buckhead

and then we went to a cute little tequila bar across the street from our hotel
to celebrate our trip :)

then it was onto our little surprise I had for the birthday girl.

that's right.
we got blowouts.
thanks to ashley's recommendation, we went to this cute little salon
called dry bar. I would definitely recommend trying this place out if you are ever
in Atlanta. For $35 you get your hair washed & styled and you get your choice of wine, champagne, or a mimosa. I will definitely be hitting them up for date nights ;)

We thought it would be fun to get our makeup done so we got a cab and headed to the mall.
(for that adventure, you have to watch our vlog....sorry!)

We ended up meeting up with another blogger, V, for dinner and drinks. Girls, if you don't follow this chica yet, you need to. She is a blast in a glass! jersey shore, anyone?!


ok anywayyyy

we had planned on hitting up a drunk brunch on saturday,
but someone (ahem) went a little hard the night before and the thought of drinking made us sick.
so we did the next best thing, hit up the free breakfast at the hotel.

then we got ready to meet this girl for lunch.
she's one of my favorite bloggers, so I can't even begin to tell you how ecstatic I was to finally meet her in person. let me just say, that these girls are all way more amazing in real life.
anyway, for the crazy nail story head on over to her blog and read her post from monday.

after all the craziness, we met up with my friend Jenny who just moved down there from Richmond.
We hung out before heading to the Braves game, which in and of itself was an adventure.

After the game, we got to watch a free little concert from B.O.B at the stadium. #nbd
I can't stop listening to his stuff now....thanks a lot sir.

and I was trying to find a picture of his shirt bc it was pretty bada#$ but I can't.
it said

sunday came and we packed up, got some starbuckys, made the crazy vlog below, and then headed to the airport. The weekend came and went far too quickly but don't you worry Atlanta, we'll be back! ;)

This was the only video we made since we were short on time so excuse the rawness and the scatterbrained comments.
and my annoying laugh
and faces

If you've made it this far, I love you.


Ashley @ The Sweet Life said...

Y'all are so cute! Glad Dayna had a great birthday weekend! And I love seeing bloggers meet meeting new bloggers!

Katie said...

You guys are seriously so cute. I love all of your outfits seriously! And of course hearing about you guys meeting up is AWESOMEsauce. xoxo

Brittany said...

Looks like sooo much fun! I love your videos.

J and A said...

Looks like the BEST time!! That hair place is amazing! How fun. Glad you guys had a blast!

Michelle said...

Sounds like so much fun!

Anonymous said...

i may or may not have had to text d and ask what the jersey shore reference was bc i didnt get it. :D where is our pic! :P so glad yall had fun!!! next time we ARE hitting up the ivy for $12 bottomless mimosas!!

Tabitha Mahoney said...

Sooo fun, what a great weekend. Jealous.


Sam @ said...

such a fun weekend! i am so bummed there is no dry bar in dc. I am dying to try it and y'alls hair looks awesome!!

Anonymous said...

I've seen that shirt! It's awesome! You guys def had a good time!!

xo kelsey said...

yayyy i watched the entire 20 minutes :) y'all are so cute! sounded like SUCH a fun time!!!

Aimee L said...

Ok so yeah, RVA officially needs one of those blowout bars fo' sho'. Looks like y'all had an amaaaazing time!!! So jealous!!

Janna Bogert said...

The Vlog recap is SUCH a good idea! I felt like we were just chatting and y'all were telling me about it all. I watched both :) You all looked SO cute the whole time!

Whitney @ justacountry-girl said...

Ahhhh I love this. You girls are too cute for words!!

Nicole said...

I'm a newbie/rookie blogger {I've had my blog for about a month} and I keep reading about how other bloggers are meeting up in person and becoming great friends... I think that is absolutely amazeballs! Blogging can literally change your life and it's so cool to see people who otherwise never would have met, become the best of friends. I can only hope to do it too someday. :)