Thursday, April 5, 2012

Instagram, OTH, & Sponsorssss

Happy Thursday girls!
Before I introduce y'all to some more fabulous ladies, I have a few things to discuss.

oh, hello nathan.
did y'all watch the series finale last night?
so stinkin' sad that it finally came to an end. I felt like I grew up with these kids.
And when I'm ready to find myself a man....I want one like mr nathan scott. :)

also, I'm on Instagram now! Droid finally got on board with it aaaand I'm ecstatic.
my username is mispris04. so follow me bishes :)
there's lots more where this came from! hollaaa ;)

and lastly, my sister sent me this gem last night.
story of my life!

Ok, so now onto the important part of today's post.
My amazing sponsors!! 
Check them out here and then go show them some blog love :)

Hello there to Miss Sarah's lovely followers! I am so excited to be sponsoring one of my blog besties this month! My name is Katie and I blog over at His Diamond and Mine
Now you might be wondering, what are the two diamonds? 

Exhibit A, HIS diamond:

Exhibit B, MY diamond: 
So there you have it, the two diamonds! You guessed it, I am engaged to a baseball player. Not a sports fan? Never fear. We talk a lot over at the diamond ;) From fashion to organization, I've got ya covered! 

And we may even get a little crazy sometimes...
Make sure you stop on by and get in on the fun!

Hey y'all!! I'm Kelsey from over at Just Another Blonde Princess! I'm soo freakin excited to be a sponsor for Sarah, she's one of my absolute favorite bloggers!! A daily read fo sho; she always puts a smile on my face! I'm reppin the Carolinas & and I'm currently a senior in college getting ready to graduate in May. My blog can ramble on about absolutely anything. Boyfriend lovin, sorority nonsense, my little niecey girl due in ONE MONTH, my great dane back at home who's an absolute dummy, and my ongoing love with The Hunger Games books, which I'm currently reading now. (Team Peeta!) I'm a princess because I wear my heart on my sleeve, and try to live my life like Rapunzel & Cinderella. Hopefully that shines through in my blog :) I love anything Disney, the New York Yankees, FOOD, puppies, flamingos, sunshine, Victoria's Secret, reading & movies, and decorating/crafting. Feel free to stop by & join the adventure :)

Aren't they just the best?!
Now go make some new friends :)



Katie said...

Thank ya lady!!!!!

Aimee L said...

Yaay sponsors!!! Now, to find you on Instagram!!

sea to shining port said...

Yay for instagram!! Adding you!


xo kelsey said...

woohooo!!! :)

Megan said...

Did you do the happy dance for Instagram like I did last night? Yay! for being Instagram buddies as well!! & I just love Miss Katie over at the Diamonds!

the girl in the red shoes said...

Totally finding you on instagram right now!

Steph said...

Hey lady! Glad I finally caught up on your blog! I watched the OTH series finale last night and it really made me sad! Corey and I have been watching that show together since high school!

Chelsea Coleen said...

you are cute :) you aaaaaaaalso miight want to take off the little word confirmation thing at the bottom when people try to comment! i cant tell you how many blogs i've commented on and as soon as i have to trype in the "words" i just x out. hehe. but i love you so i will go through the extra effort :) anyways, i fell behind in oth, but had to watch the season finale last night. and of course was crying. i cant imagine if i had watched it from start to finish!

Brittany said...

funny video! so true though haha

Ashley said...

ok I need to find you on instagram like ASAP. and YESSS - totally watched OTH. Amaze but so stinkin sad its over!!

Katie {Miss Dixie} said...

now following you on instagram!! I may need to get on board the 2 a day train, that might be the only way I get my butt in shape! :)

Janna Renee said...

They are so cute! I must check them out when I get my life back on track...