Tuesday, August 21, 2012

When the Boys are Away the Girls Will Play

morning lovers.
did y'all have a good weekend....and uh, monday?
I'm a day late and a dollar short but here's my weekend recap. 

but first, you can find me over here today talking about what happens
when the bikinis get put away...

I had such a fun, relaxing weekend with my richmond bff Audrey. 
Friday night we went for mexican & margs, drank sangria & wine, and watched the movie
Have you guys seen this yet? I'd never even heard of it til we went to watch it. 
$10.99 on demand my friends.
$10 freaking .99!
Anyway, I highly suggest grabbing some gf's and getting together to watch this. 
totally worth the money

Saturday I spent the afternoon with my sister.
left to right: skinnygirl dog toy, my sandwich at lunch, sweet tea :)

That night Audrey and I had dinner at Brio, followed with some shopping at one of the
outdoor malls here in town. We found this store called Love Culture (anyone?) that's pretty 
much like a smaller Forever21. huge fan.
I got 2 skirts and this cute little owl necklace
We were gonna go out but she wasn't feeling too hot so we did the next best thing.
Wine and the Hunger Games. 
and a dance party.
How's this for being real?
helloo glasses....aka nerddd :)

Sunday we went to brunch at this cute little place in the fan called 3 Monkeys.
They are known for their mimosas so we each got a watermelon & raspberry one.

weekend perfection :)
Oh, and in exactly 1 month I will be partaying it up in Hotlanta for my bday with
some of my favorites.
her / her / her / her / her
& maybe this girl

I so citedddd!! :)
here's to a fast week!!
and my blonde hair that I'm getting back today!


Alicia Marie said...

I want to see that movie! I'll have to check it out now for sure. :)

Michelle said...

I just saw previews for the movie the other night and I have no clue how I have never heard of it! It looks so good.

Anonymous said...

this looks like suuuuch a fun weekend! what's that dog margaritta...lol?! that sandwich looks amazinggggg brio is so good! i was at pf changs on friday - i havent been to that mall since your birthday!

xx, kara

Amy said...

I haven't heard of that movie, but it looks hilarious just from the cast!! And we have a Love Culture here, it's awesome. LOVE it. What a good crew to celebrate you'll birthday with, that'll be a blast!

Ashley said...

awwww YAY!!! you are the cutest! love this! And can't wait - it's already on my calendar!

and i wear glasses too! but i'll leave them at home when we go party ;)

my friends and i were just talking about Bachelorette last night but dude - $10.99 holy crap!!!

and we have a HUMONGOUSSSSSS Love Culture in the mall across the street from me - like it's almost the size of F21.I always walk in, get overwhelmed and walk right back out. haha

Yay birthdays!

Sami said...

Omg so jelly of your bday weekend with those ladies! My birthday is Sept. 11 can I invite myself ;) I wish!! Your weekend looked fab! I watched that movie on Friday toooo but I am sneaky and when I saw $10.99 I said no thanks and found it for free on my computer haha.

Heather Davidson said...

sounds like a fun weekend and that movie looks super cute! will have to watch.

Aimee L said...

Is it weird that literally as soon as I clicked onto your blog, a commercial with Erin Andrews came on?

Sounds like an awesome weekend - and I can't wait to hear about your birthday weekend!!

Pamela said...

ahh how FUN!

Anonymous said...

i literally just saw the trailer for that movie a couple days ago. so it's already on dvd?

RachelM132 said...

i loved that movie so funny!! i want that skinnygirl dog toy for my dog too :)

Ady Wright said...

Love it! And Chelsea is one of my best friends!!! I'm so going to find this movie right now and watch it! Have you seen pitch perfect? I want to see that one so bad... but apparently I'm the only one.

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