Tuesday, August 7, 2012

M.A.S.H Link-Up

mornin' lovers.
I hope you've got your m.a.s.h. ready to linkup!
Bethany and I have had a blast trying to make each others 'lives' miserable.
I think I may have succeeded ;) 
So grab a button and linkup!

I seriously could NOT have chosen a more perfect story. hahaha

Ryan Lochte got back from London while I happened to be ‘vacationing’ in his little hometown in Florida. We caught eyes and he knew he had to make me his, so we got married on the beach. I was lucky enough to find the perfect burnt orange dress to wear for our wedding, considering it was such short notice. Talk about a hot couple! Right after the wedding, we had a few shots and flew out on our honeymoon to Tahiti, where the first of our 19 kids was conceived. Lucky us. When we got back, we found out his job would take us north, so we bought a house in the Bronx. It wasn’t long before we decided to get ourselves some nice wheels so we could get out of the house every now and then. Ryan picked out a Range Rover in exorcist pea soup green, while I choose an Infiniti G35 in dookie brown. We may have crap taste in colors but we sure do like nice cars. Along with our 19 kids, believe it or not we have a pet monkey named Dunston. While I’m at home raising our 19 kids and testing toilet paper for a living, sexy face is out doing what he does best, being a sports agent. (You thought I was going to say swim didn’t you) Our life is great as long as Dunston keeps the kids preoccupied and Ryan keeps his mouth shut. Maybe I should’ve stayed single….

speaking of my 'hubby'....check out what he tweeted the 
other day about his party in London. I think that was the moment I officially
stopped crushing on him. I mean seriously dude, how awesome do you think you 
are to have someone PAY to fly to London just to meet you at a party. We're 
not even talking like getting a date or hooking up here.....and even so, that makes me sound like a hooker so, moving right along. I just think he thinks way too hard to make even
the simplest of statements. Sorry Ryan, it's just better if you just stand there and look hot!

Oh, and finally one of my bloggy friends Allison tweeted this to me last night, saying it
reminded her of me :) Love that!

happy tuesday!
can't wait to read y'alls posts :)


Bethany Scruggs said...

BAHAAAA!!!! Crap taste in colors & a mon key named Dunston! I die.

Alicia Marie said...

LOVED that! AHAHA I did my own, and might I say it's pretty good, but it won't let me link up at all! I might be doing it completely wrong but it won't work, which makes me sad. :(

Emily said...

That story is amazing! I never did mine in story form before...but I love the idea! I've posted my own for the link up on my blog, but it won't let me submit it. May be because I'm trying on an iPad, but I see others are having problems too! I got a service error or something!

Janna Renee said...

I just had to join in!!

Aimee L said...

Linked up! Boom.