Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fall Fitness, Say Whaaaat?!

hey hey lovelies :)
it's thursday and it's gorgeous we really have to work?!
there are so many reasons to be happy today -
it's my friday
I get to have lunch with my friend Kara
I'm leaving work early for a CBS fall preview at Cinebistro
and we're having a cookout tonight for my mom's birthday

oh, and notice anything different?!
I was playing around trying to teach myself some things about design last night
when I came up with the new header you see....and social media icons......
and a new button. So snag it on up ;)


I did this post on Monday over on V's blog so if you didn't get a chance
to read it, go on over there and say hi. She's awesome :)

Let me be totally honest for a sec. 
I had a love/hate relationship with the Olympics this year. 
Up until 3 weeks ago, I was in the gym every morning at 5am. 
I was eating pretty healthy and was feeling good about myself. Cue Olympics.
Staying up til 1am almost every night does not make it easy possible to get up in the morning. 
sooooo workouts took a hit.....and I just started back up in the gym yesterday. 
I've got 2 weeks until I have to bare it all in a bikini for a bachelorette party so it's crunch time...literally! 

After labor day weekend, I will officially be in fall mode.
What does that mean, exactly and how does that even relate to working out?
well friends, let me just tell you. 

helloooo things that are going to try and make me fat.

So how do you stay motivated when the bikinis get put away and the comfy sweaters come out?
Well first, you can scroll down the fitness page on pinterest and see things like this: 
 Source: the hunt via Sarah on Pinterest

Source: the new via Sarah on Pinterest

Source: fitsugar via Sarah on Pinterest

motivated yet?
Then it's time to get some cute workout clothes. I mean, if it helps, it helps.... ;)
Workout Wear

1 / 2 / 34 / 5

Get yourself some good music.
My top 5 songs to workout to are:
1. On to the Next One- JayZ

2. Scream- Usher

3. The Fighter- Gym Class Heros

4. Learn to Fly- Foo Fighters

5. Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites- Skrillex

Figure out ways to make your favorite treats a bit healthier.
I love cooking and I really love finding ways to make what I love a little better.
Even if it's just switching out white flour for whole wheat flour it makes your
treat justifiable ;) And it's totally fine to indulge in those pumpkin spice lattes or pastries...
gosh knows I'll definitely be doing so! Just make sure not to make those a daily occurrence.

Well girls, that's all I've got!


Lauren Talon said...

Great post! I did something similar on my blog today :) Fall is going to be a problem for me too :S Going back to school means early mornings so cue the crappy breakfasts or skipped breakfasts and multiple coffee and snack runs during breaks from class. Not good. Keep up the good work lady!

J and A said...

I too need to get into fall workout mode STAT. Summer is always the worst for me. Hate it. But I love your header!!

Cotton said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE good workout playlists!

and anything pumpkin spice like! Working at Bath and Body Works in college made me an avid SCP lover.

sea to shining port said...

Oh my goodness, the Fall does not do good things for my rear end. But I have a wedding next weekend so I'm holding off for just a few more days!!...and then bring on the spice. Downloading your songs now!!

xo Caitlin

Anonymous said...

i neeeeed that purple tank top! and basically everything in that ''what's going to make me fat this fall'' picture. mmmmm bring on the pumpkin lattes!

p.s. - i already want another arby's baked potato... why must all good things be super fattening?!?!

xx, kara

Jayme and Mendi said...

Have a great long weekend!! We are obsessed with those Nikes you posted! We are using a pair in an upcoming Friday's Fancies. :-)

Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

Ashley said...

YESSSS I need that tank in my life! and i was just thinking that i'm a littttle excited for fall b/c i don't have to be SO strict! haha yay for your weekend officially started. i heart cinebistro!

Katie {Miss Dixie} said...

I think I am finally ready for fall! :) I LOVE those tennis shoes, I think I'm going to have to splurge and get me some. What program did you design your header in? love!

Janna Renee said...

Just sprinkle Pumpkin Pie Spice in your coffee grounds and when you brew your coffee it will taste like pumpkin pie!! I love all things pumpkin...I should just do a healthy pumpkin pie dedicated post ;)

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