Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Favorites & My Pool Boys

ahhhh it's Olympic day!! 
I'm so excited for 17 days of non-stop american awesomeness :)
let's go!
Um, hellooo boys.
Come swim a few laps in my pool ;)


I'm linking up with Lindsey today for Friday Faves.

Current Song-
No Reins by Rascal Flatts
This describes my life so perfectly right now.

I know I'm a little late to the party on this one but,
Friday Night Lights

I think a trip to Texas is now mandatory :)
My Texas bloggers- are the guys really like that down there?!

New Nail Polish-
Essie Bikini So Teeny

New Beauty Product-
review on this next week.

I'm straight addicted.
another starbucks drink. surprised?

I'm also really excited to celebrate my 1 year of being single this weekend.
It's been such an interesting year but I've grown so much and I'm definitely 
not the same girl I was a year ago. I am SO much happier 
than I was before and you couldn't pay me enough to go back :) 

So cheers to me and all you single ladies ;)
happy friday loves!


Chelsea Coleen said...

i'm so excited for the swimming mens match up!

californiadreamin said...

I really gotta get on this Refresher train. I've heard their bomb diggity!

Katie said...

cannot wait for the olympics too girl! yumyum to swimming

Sami said...

I'm excited to hear what you think of the BB Cream. I've been using the Smashbox one for about 3 months and I'm not sold. I think I'm going for the Dr. Jart one once I run out :) Have a great weekend doll!

Samantha said...

Yay for olympics!!!!! So excited! And congrats on your 1 year single anniversary! It's most definitely something to celebrate! I'm happy that you are happier now! :)

Michelle said...

WOOOHOO on one year of being single!

Lindsey said...

Happy one year single!!

And I have not seen FNL but all I hear are amazing things about it. Unfortunately I can't vouch for if the boys are like that. I'll watch and get back to you!

Cannot wait for the Opening Ceremony tonight! MPhelps looks much better in your pic than his official athlete pic I posted yesterday. Homeless dot com.

Alicia Marie said...

Yay for the Olympics and that great nail polish color! :)

Amber said...

I can't wait for your BB cream review. I have been wanting to try one but don't know which one to go with.

Anonymous said...

Double cheers to the single girls!

I have not seen Friday Night Lights but it definitely looks like I'm missing out.

I've wondered about Smashbox. I can't wait to read your review!

Kelly Jo said...

No reins is my absolute favorite Rascal Flatts song! And I dont like Friday Night Lights only because Sean drools over Minka Kelly. Blah. Otherwise... Hahaha Im sire its a great show

The Pink Growl said...

Congrats on your 1 year anny of being single!! I hope you go out and get laid KIDDING!!!! :)

Okay so Michael Phelps's body is bangin - his face just doesn't do it for me though. Sorry!

Elizabeth {Ms Classic Glamour} said...

I haven't seen FNL... but it looks like an eye candy filled show!

I haven't tried a BB Cream yet, I looking at the Dr. Jart one. I'm looking forward to your review, though!

I'm so looking forward to the olympics... GO USA!

Amanda said...

LOVE Ryan Lochte. And I really need to hear your review of the BB cream. I love smashbox products but had not heard of that one yet!

smk053078 said...

Yes, the Texas boys are HOTTIES!!!! ;) You know they shoot the show in hometown!!! ;) Come visit!!! And yay for the Olympics!!

Jessica said...

I'm so excited for the Olympics too! And that smash box looks great.. I'm always looking for good products with SPF!

Alisa Marie said...

So excited about the Olympics - yippee!! I forgot that I LOVE watching sand volleyball. Love that purple nail polish, so cute!

Heather Davidson said...

love friday night lights! such a fun obsession :)

Aimee L said...

I love that Essie nail polish color - fab!!

I'm so excited about the Olympics!! I'll def be watching gymnastics, swimming & diving!

And congrats on one year of singledom. A wise woman {ahem, Emily Maynard} once said, "it's better to be home alone than home wishing you were alone". Truth, if I ever heard it.

Can't wait to catch up next week :)

Anonymous said...

I've been dying to try that Starbucks drink! I hate coffee (I know, what's wrong with me?!) so I'm always looking for things to keep me energized! I've been single for about a year as well...& I've never been happier :)


Kelly { MessyDirtyHair } said...

wahooooo on 1 year being single! that is AWESOME!!! i love those refreshers!!! great nail color too! happy friday! xo Kelly

Kasey said...

happy 1 year :):) enjoy the singlehood :D And as far as the boys here in Texas....there a quite a few that ARE that hot, I don't know how nice they all tend to be, but I've seen some cuties for sure!

Niki said...

Bikini So Teeny is one of my favorite shades! I love what you did with the accent nail! And I have the Smashbox Camera Ready too! I love it!

Hope you're having a fabulous weekend!

Janna Renee said...

Happy one year of singlehood! I think that's an AMAZING thing. Not that I'm single (obvs), but this time alone has really allowed me to grow. We all need to find ourselves when not dependent on someone else! Did you know Starbucks has a coconut sweetener? I was sooo excited! I haven't tried the refresher, but passionfruit tea with coconut sweetener is

Ashton Belle said...

I need to try that drink!

Ashley said...

i have a similar purple on my nails and have been loving it!! and i can't wait for that smashbox their products!

Jayme and Mendi said...

Essie's Bikini So Teeny is such a great color!! See you Wednesday!

Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

Kristin said...

i just bought those starbucks drinks at costco, not sure i loved the melon one...