Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Letters

Dear Virus/Cold/Whatever it is that you are- I would like it if you would please get out of my body and move on. I don't have time for your crap.
Dear Gym- It's been a week, which is far too long in my book. Don't worry. I'll be coming for you soon.
Dear Dayna- This time last week we were having brunch and taking pictures with bucks ;) Can we puhlllllease turn back time?!
Dear Toby- you are seriously the cutest dog ever! I don't know how I ever get mad at that sweet little face of yours. Oh, and I will be giving you a haircut tomorrow. (dont' freak out)

Dear Atlanta- I miss you!

Dear Friday- I am so glad you are here. So many fun things are happening this if I can just get better.

Dear Readers- thank you for being here. :)

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happy friday!


Tina Byland said...

I feel the same way about the gym! In fact, I need to get off the computer and head there now! Stopping by from Friday's Letters!

Alana Christine said...

Hope you feel better soon! I'm lazy during the summer's just too hot! haha

Anonymous said...

feel better and you can go to the gym with me in spirit :) don't forget to check out my $50 gift card giveaway!

Katrin said...

I hope you feel better soon!

Cait said...

love this list hun! and adorable blog by the way :) happy friday!

Cori H. said...

Hope you feel better soon! Summer colds are the worst!

Janna Bogert said...

Feel better, so that you can enjoy the weekend!!

Ashton Belle said...

Hope you feel better!