Monday, April 2, 2012

let's recap shall we?

happy monday chicas.
did y'all have a good weekend?
the only thing getting me through this week is knowing I have Friday and Monday off.

can I just say for a second how much I love my blogger gals?!
I have made some amazing friendships that I know are gonna last a lifetime. 
that being said, this weekend I received a little somethin' somethin' from my girl Bethany

y'all remember this post the other day?
well, she surprised me with a little care package. 
sweet, right?! :) 

and that baby lips craze?
I did the unthinkable and made a quick trip to walmart on friday in hopes of finding those babies. guess it was worth the smelly 10 minutes because I am now the proud owner of this -


In case you've been living under a rock, the NCAA Championship game is tonight. 
My bracket got busted a long time ago, but would you believe me if I told you I had Kansas & Kentucky in the final game? 
cause I did.
let's go cats!!! :)

today is also when I start my two-a-days.
god help me.

how was your weekend?

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email me for more info.


J and A said...

Ah yay for Bloggy friends. Bethany is the sweetest! Oh you found it! Lucky girl!! I need to check Walmart again! :) Happy Monday!

Valerie Griffin said...

that purple essie polish is super pretty!

Bethany Nicole said...

you're welcome, bish. i hate you. :)

Michelle P said...

I love that essie color!

Emily said...

Ever since your last post about that nail polish color, I've been keeping an eye out for it too. So far, I'm in the same boat as luck!! It's just such a fun spring color! (Right now, my nails are teal blue!)

Ashley said...

Aww how sweet!!! What an amazing care package! I have never tried Baby Lips, but now I want to!

Anonymous said...

Ugh! I still can't find the baby lips anywhere! You're so lucky to find it! Lol.

Dont forget to enter my jewelry giveaway! It ends Wednesday!

his little Lady said...

how adorable!!! blogging buddies are the best!! and that essie nail polish is incredible! i have the exact one ;)
xo TJ

Sarah @ Simply Sarah said...

I gave into the Baby Lips craze too, and I really like it!

xo kelsey said...

woohoo baby lips!! you gon be so kissable!

hope you're having a great day!!

Julie said...

I MUST try that Baby Lips stuff if you suggest it! I'm always looking for a good lip balm instead of the generic chap stick lol. And you're doing two a days?? Good for you! I'd love to do that if I had the time...maybe this summer. For now I'll stick to my 4 days a week :) Good luck girl!