Friday, March 9, 2012

Inspiration Friday

Wednesday I shared a little gym motivation with you guys
and today I figured I would share some inspiration.
That's right girls.
Grab your button and link up!


I ran & worked out at the gym.

probably should've done it a few more days.

I made new friends on my blate!
I promise to post about that on Monday :)

I bought stuff to have salads for lunch.

I don't know about y'all, I get so bored with salads. 
as in, I'll eat it for a day and then be done.

When I decide I'm ready to get back in shape, I'll go hardcore for a few weeks til I get to the place I wanna be. It's a blessing and a curse that it can happen so fast. The problem is, after I get to that point, I'm so tired of eating practically nothing that I rush right back into eating not so healthy. So instead, I've been trying to find recipes that are healthy alternatives to some of my favorites.

                                            via sarah on yummies
                                            via sarah on yummies
                                            via sarah on yummies
                                            via sarah on yummies
                                            via sarah on cocktails
                                                                via sarah on health & fitness

What are some of your favorite healthy recipes?
I'm always up for trying something new :)

happy weekending!


Michelle P said...

All of this food looks good! I'm excited to hear about your blate on Monday :)

Katie {Miss Dixie} said...

Good for you for only taking a few weeks to get where you want to be...I def want to shape up and I need to be eating healthier, for sure...these look yummy!

Anonymous said...

mmm that all looks delish! One of my fav (healthy) things to make is whole wheat quesadillas w/ chicken strips, tomato, avocado, and a little cheddar cheese. I made them the other night for a few friends and they were a huge success :)

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

ohhh, i love sydney from the daybook. she is adorable!
and all of this food is making me HUNGRY!!!
i guess i need to workout so i can eat all of this scrumptious food!
xo TJ

Valerie Griffin said...


Sarah said...

Hi Sarah! It was great meeting up with you last night! Hope we can do it again soon! :)

I'm the same way with salads, I have the best inentions and after a day I'm over them!

Have a great weekend!

Mallory said...

Those foods look fabulous!! Sorry I didn't put a post together this week:(

Happy Friday!

Jayme and Mendi said...

Ok why does the cocktail make me the happiest?? HAHA!! Had so much fun last night! Can't wait for another Girls Night! :-)

Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

Jayme and Mendi said...

BTW - We have your button up on our blog now!


Aimee L said...

I totally just bought the Living Social Richmond deal of the day which is 20 bootcamp classes for $29. Gotta say, I'm kinda terrified. You should totally do it!!