Wednesday, February 1, 2012

You asked for it

gooooooood morning!

today is the day.
i finally decided to do my very first vlog for you guys.
i may have used the word 'um' about a million times
and perhaps was rushing to the gym
so don't judge. :)

Since pretty much everyone has done one of these before, I'll post the words I was supposed to say and not the questions.

Aunt-Route-Wash-Oil-Theater-Iron-Salmon-Caramel-Fire-Water-Sure-Data-Ruin-Crayon-Toilet-New Orlean-Pecan-Both-Again-Probably-Spitting Image-Alabama-Lawyer-Coupon-Mayonnaise-Syrup-Pajamas-Caught

Don't forget to do something this week to work towards your goals so you can link-up on Friday!! 
Happy hump day! 


Amanda said...

I don't think you have a very southern accent. And we say a lot of the same things alike! (Side note: Your puppy is precious!!)

Katie said...

i hear a little bit of an accent ;) you were right you were having a VERY good hair day! and toby is precious!!

Alana Christine said...

Definitely still think you're adorable! lol. Your accent is very subtle.

Jaclyn said...

that was fun!

Stephanie said...

Loved your Vlog!

I say Ant for Aunt :)

Meg {henninglove} said...

you are brave for doing a vlog. i would be so nervous to do it, i hate myself on camera and feel i would be back to zero followers if i did a vlog so good for you!

Whitney @ justacountry-girl said...

ohymygosh! you are soooo adorable. and i loved this. you sounded almost just like i pictured in my mind. cutie patootie!! and tobster isn't so bad himself.

Ashley said...

SO cute!! love your accent! you definitely have a little one - so cute! and toby is a dollface!

Janna Renee said...

Now you are on your way to sports broadcasting!! Great job girlie! Don't worry nothing you do will ever make us stop thinking you are adorable ;) Ps. about the computer thing- (if you have a pc.) check and see if you have a recovery disc, which can restore your computer to like new condition and won't cost you anything! You'd have to back up all of your data first, but I just did it to mine and now it's working like a champ!