Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Turtle Man

I'm pretty sure that I've mentioned a million several times that I couldn't wait to dress Toby up for Halloween this year. Well, it finally happened. And he was such a good sport! 
Say hello to Toby {the fastest turtle} you will ever meet.

 We were the tortoise and the hare. 
get it? haha and his costume maaay have been a bit snug. oh well!

We had to have the 'photoshoot' in the garage since all the trick-or-treaters came and went before I got there. Seems like kids came super early this year....and we ran out of candy so by the end of the night kids were getting cliff bars. Yeah.....that happened.

Hope everyone had a great halloween!
Can't believe it's November already!! 


Anonymous said...

I definitely laughed out loud seeing him squeezed into his costume! I LOVE your idea though, tortoise and the hare, too dang cute! :)

Ashley said...

I am a new follower ;)

Toby looks adorable!!

Feel free to pop by and say hello!!

Steph said...

How cute! Tortoise and the hair...what a cute idea! Happy November lady :)
xo Steph

Ashley said...

hahaha his little outfit kills me!

Ashley said...

SARAH! he is so stinkin' adorable. this is why i need a pet - so i can dress them up!

Sarah said...

Aww, Toby makes such a cute turtle. I love your blog!

Ali said...

How adorable is that? One of my friends dressed her pup up as well - and they were the Princess and the Frog! Hope you had a Happy Halloween :)