Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Shoe Overload :)

Good morning!
How are you ladies today? Hopefully fantabulous! {Yes, I did just make that word up. And yes, I may be drinking a new energy drink on an empty stomach. Woo!}

Ok, let's just dive right into this post today shall we?

With the help of my newfound bloggy bff Dayna, I was able to finally create a button for my blog. 
So go on over to the side of my page and grab that cute little thing and put it on your page :) Please and thank you :)

I was going to do a linkup today but got distracted by some Piperlime and I can't help but share the love with y'all today. First, they are offering 20% off today only. Go snag yourself some goodies!

Here's what I've been drooling over for the past hour-

Of course, half these shoes are a bit out of my price range. Boo.
{Christmas is right around the corner.... :)}

Another little fyi for you ladies, Bakers is also having 20% off thru Nov. 21. 

I'm in love with these shoes in every-single-color. 

and these guys.....

Ok, now you all know my obsession. Your turn! 
Happy shopping lovebugs!


Anonymous said...

oooo, girlfrand, loving the dark brown boots with buckles! I feel like we just talked about that :P

Stesha said...

i am obsessing over all those shoes ahhhhhhhh!!!

Classic & Bubbly

Whitney said...

i am in love with ALL these shoes. great choices lil lady. hope you are having a fabulous week :-)

Cassie said...

Now...I think you should help me since you're an expert! ;))) Love every single pair of those shoes! Maybe we can share shoe closets one day?!

Ashley said...

When I saw the Piperlime email I instantly knew the boots I wanted.... and of course my size was gone. Love the 2nd pair of boots that you picked!

Anonymous said...

I too drool over shoes lol..Just bought myself 2 pairs today! Love all the boots you posted! By the way Im following you back now!
-barbie @ Life as a Mrs.

Sara said...

Your list is perfection, I want every single item you covet for, especially those second paire of boots, the brown ones, they would all be an amazing addition to any wardrobe. Your blog is lovely and I'm a new follower! Hope you'll like my blog and follow back!

Pop Culture&Fashion Magic