Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fallin' in October

Good afternoon lovies!
It's finally fall and I am lov-ing it :) 
There are so many things I'm looking forward to this month

going to the state fair....

 staying away from food like this-
ice cream cheeseburger. vom.

.....going to the pumpkin patch

....picking out costumes

Toby will make the cutest little turtle! 
He probably will hate me for days but it's totally worth it-hahaha :)
Sorry, no pics of mine just yet ;)

.....planning upcoming trips

 like a girl's trip to Vegas! Can't wait for that one!!
the tropical vacation that I promised myself.
aaaaand possibly to Atlanta or Alabama to see a friend, aka Maverick. 

...cool, crisp mornings and evenings
.....getting a new car! It's time for the infiniti to retire (shed tear here)
.....and of course, football! 

Which leads me into the football friday results.
I went 10/16 with my picks last week which isn't bad. I've gotta give it to my Colts last night though, making it a close game. I secretly wanted them to lose (shhhhh) though because word on the street is we're trying to get us some Luck next season. 

I did a little digging since there's been all this hype and I've gotta say that I'm all for it. Bring in a hot, young guy and I'll buy his jersey. I need a new one anyway! 
just sayin' :D 

That's all I've got for today! :)

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Sarah said...

Super cute fall post!!