Monday, June 13, 2011

a new york kind of weekend

This weekend was one of the shortest, long weekends I've ever had. It was my first time flying alone and it wasn't the best experience. My flight out to JFK was cancelled late Thursday night and I ended up hopping on a flight that was rerouted from Miami to JFK. I didn't get into New York until 12:30am and didn't see Tim until ridiculous.

Friday Tim had planned out a fun day for us and we started with lunch at this macaroni bar called s'mac. It was SO delicious and a perfect place for a macaroni junkie like myself :) Tim got the cheeseburger macaroni and I of course got the buffalo chicken mac n cheese. Yum! We walked off lunch through Union Square, hitting up the farmers market and random little shops. Unfortunately, he had to go into work at 5pm so I went out to dinner with one of our friends, Elena. We hit up Dallas BBQ (not somewhere I would recommend) to get some giant frozen drinks. They had these gigantic drinks with an extra shot you could pour in too! I think we would both agree that looking back, it was a bad idea ;)

 buffalo chicken...mmm :)
 tim's cheeseburger mac
 nothing like a good old fashioned soda

The weather on Saturday was kinda crummy (typical New York weather in my opinion). Since I love mexican food ( I could eat it almost everyday), Tim took me to this place called Blockheads. They are apparently known for having killer burritos and I've gotta say they were pretty delicious. After lunch we headed over to the met to do some exploring. Supposedly there was a huge exhibit for some designer that I'd never heard of before, Alexander McQueen. We walked around the entire museum looking for it and when we found it there was a two hour wait! The line itself was more interesting than any exhibit! It wrapped around half of the museum. After trying to find our way out of the museum, which also posed to be an adventure, we went to one of Tim's favorite sushi places for dinner. It was so nice to be able to spend time with Tim exploring the city, just the two of us.

Tim's crazy drink with a baby corona. so cute!!

Sunday came way too soon and we were determined to make the most of what time we had left. We got up with the intention of going to Little Italy...but since it was so far away and we were walking, Tim decided he wanted to snack along the way. He took me to this slider place in St. Marks, which apparently has the best sliders in town. I've gotta say that they lived up to their reputation. They were delicious! *Side note- I get sticker shock everytime I go to New York. It's unbelievable to me that you can get the same thing for much cheaper back home. So here, an order of 4 sliders would cost around $6. In New York, 1 slider costs $3! Maybe it's just me but it gets to me everytime. Ok, done complaining.* After we ate, we walked pretty much through most of the city. On the way to our destination we stopped off at one of my favorite bakeries, the Little Cupcake Bakeshop. It is such a cute little store and I think it would be totally awesome to one day have my own bakery. It would also be super dangerous because I would eat everything I made. Needless to say we were stuffed after sliders and cupcakes, just as we made it to Little Italy. It was so fun walking through the streets with nothing but Italian stores and restaurants on both sides. (If you didn't know I'm part Italian and I take much pride being so :)) Little Italy soon turned into Chinatown, which is not something to brag about....nor would I voluntarily go there again. We were on a time constraint since I needed to leave for the airport around 8....but alas, I got several phone calls and emails saying that my flight had been cancelled. Nothing like airlines waiting until the last minute. Anyway, I was rescheduled for an inconvenient time and place so after making several phone calls I was scheduled for a flight the next day at a decent time. I shouldn't have been complaining because that meant more time with Tim, but I'm one who likes to have a plan and when things don't go the way they should I sometimes freak out....those of you that know me know what I'm talking about :)

With the rest of the afternoon/evening ours, we decided to go see a movie. On the way, we stopped by ground zero. It was unbelievable the progress that had been made since we last saw it almost two years ago. There's a website you can go to so you can follow the progress so if you wanna check it out here you can see pictures from when they first started out. It's actually really interesting. The movie theater we went to was right past ground zero and it was huge! You actually had to take three escalators to get to the actual box office!! I will say that being able to watch a movie together made it feel like I was at home; and that was a nice feeling. On the way back to the apartment we stopped off at a pub to grab dinner and a drink. It was the perfect night out so we sat outside and people watched; which is one of my favorite things to do :) We grabbed some wine and a snack and headed back to the apartment to end the weekend watching a movie.

 9/11 cross
 Ground Zero

If you look closely, you can see that the park in the distance is 
actually raised off the ground. Interesting.

It ended up being a really amazing weekend and I honestly wish I could go back and do it again. Even though i was only there for 3 days, after two weeks of being apart we had to soak up every minute of it. Of course it wasn't enough and saying goodbye was almost as hard as the first time. Long distance sucks. Like it really really sucks. Life sucks without my partner in crime. Over these next few weeks we've got some decisions to make. Big, life-changing decisions. When it comes to times like this I'm a planner and I like to make a pro/con list. But what if the 1 pro outweighs all of the cons? Is it worth it? One thing I struggle with is spontaneity. I'm really not good with it....and sometimes I wish I was. For the most part I like to have a plan....and I'm realizing that sometimes you can't plan out your whole life. Sometimes you have to just live in the moment and go with it. Maybe this is one of those times. I'm not sure yet. But if there's one thing I know, I can't stand only seeing him twice a month. Somethings gotta give. More to come on this later. In the meantime, please send thoughts and encouragement my way...that I can have a clear head and make the right decision. It would be much appreciated. Thanks!! :)

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